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Boomerang Catch

There's a fast catch, a trick catch, an Aussie Round and Glorp. And that's just the beginning of what you can do with a boomerang - "the ultra-modern sport with pre-historic roots," according to the U.S. Boomerang Association. When boomerangs are made well and thrown well, they return to the thrower. Which is precisely what we want our customers to do. When we send them on one trip, we want them to return so we can send them on another...and another...and another. So just as the Boomerang Association was created to modernize, standardize, and expand the sport of boomerang throwing, we in the travel business are working to modernize, standardize, and expand the boomerang effect among our high value customers.

Although boomerangs have been around for 15,000 years, an article in Scientific American and regular boomerang classes at the Smithsonian turned it into a popular, worldwide sport. Publicity, knowledge, training, practice - they are essential to the boomerang effect, in sport and in travel customer services. It takes practice and conscious attention that will make high value customers want to come back.

By capturing, tracking, and analyzing valuable information on the products our customers are purchasing from us, we can send out more meaningful promotions that will bring high value customers back to us.

Another key strategy is to under promise and over deliver. Too often in our enthusiasm, we find ourselves promising something that is going to be exceptionally difficult to provide. If the promise is not met, we have undermined the company's reputation by failing to do what we said - and we have an angry customer who is certainly not going to come back. If, on the other hand, you are able to deliver more than promised, customers will be delighted to return because we surpassed their expectations.

Disney World thinks this way regularly when it posts the wait times for popular rides. The listed time is always five to ten minutes longer than the actual expected wait, so when people finally climb onto the ride a few minutes sooner than they expected, they feel very good about having won a little time from Mickey (even if they waited 45 minutes!).

Every time we are in contact with customers, by telephone or in person, we need to make sure they feel valued, respected and ready to come back - like the boomerang, whether you use a fastcatch or a supercatch (no trick catches please!).

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Tharwat Abouraya, CTIE
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