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IOETI expands presence into the Americas IOETI President Dr. Yehia Abu El Hassan announced today that the International Organization for the E-Tourism Industry (IOETI) has appointed a new team member, Tharwat Abouraya, CTIE, President, Travel Business CPR, based in Washington, DC, USA.
Pebbles of Alexandria It has been said that when the great Library burned in Alexandria, Egypt, only one book was saved.
Cracking travel agencies’ acquisition code Acquisition is the fastest way to penetrate a market and minimize stress on employees and systems.

Travel Business CPR - Bring Strategy To Life!

Don't try to banish the darkness by beating at it with a stick.

Turn on the light and the darkness will vanish as though it had never been. Winning in business in the 21st century takes more than a sound strategy and an ability to squeeze out costs. It takes superior execution by knowledgeable, customer-focused employees working as a team.

Travel Business CPR turns the light on your strategy and helps you build top-tier travel services by bringing life to the connection between your front line and your bottom line.

Manage travel where travel begins: on the front line.

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